WiFi Enhancement

Here at Wilcomm we know the most effective ways to increase Wi-Fi signals at home to dramatically improve your home's connectivity and speed.

What are the different types of WiFi enhancements?

WiFi extenders - Extenders for Wi-Fi rebroadcast your wireless signal onto another channel, thereby creating an even stronger wireless connection to other parts in your residence.

WiFi repeaters - Repeaters operate exactly the same way as an extender. They work by employing the same technique of grabbing an existing Wi-Fi signal, and then rebroadcasting it to extend the range of coverage. The primary difference with a repeater is that it will only be able to access half the bandwidth that is available, but with a higher rate of latency. This is due to it being at the same frequency as your router.

WiFi boosters & Mesh networks - "Wi-Fi Booster" is the blanket term used to describe Wi-Fi extenders as well as Wi-Fi repeaters. Smaller routers in multiple locations can create what's called a Wi-Fi Mesh network that is a booster for your home by creating a wireless network signal that can be spotted throughout your entire house & even outside.

We optimise your WiFi network to it's maximum capability

When dealing with Wilcomm, our skilled technicians will assess the dimensions of your house and then position WiFi extenders in a way that ensures your internet connection is 100% speedy and reliable. If you're looking to improve the speed of your internet connection or improve wireless connectivity inside your home, get in contact today.
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