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WILCOMM provide custom solutions for CCTV system installation in Sydney based on your specific needs

CCTV systems and installation in Sydney that is right for you

There are various parts to any CCTV system that need to be considered prior to installation. We don’t expect customers to understand all the ins and outs of what is required, and are happy to lend our expertise to your requirements to build the best suited CCTV system suited to your individual needs for your Sydney home or business. Please call us to discuss your specific wants and requirements. Are you searching for CCTV installation near me? We are more than happy to visit your site and create the system that will best suit your needs.
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Installation Of & Training For Your New CCTV System

We can supply and install a full range of cameras, monitors and digital video recorders to suit your needs and home or office requirements. Whether you are after internal or external, we can supply the best fit for you and install quickly and efficiently. Digital video recorders can be supplied and installed with 4 to 16 channels and as much storage as you could possibly need.

Keep Your Cameras Clear Of Spider Webs

Spider webs not only affect CCTV cameras’ visuals during the day, they can also disrupt night vision. The infrared light used in most security cameras to keep an eye on things during the dark hours is blocked by a web of spider silk. This hinders the performance of your surveillance system, as it fails to detect and record any movement that falls within its range. As such, it’s important to make sure that you regularly inspect your security camera lenses for webs created by spiders or other insects. If left unchecked, these webs can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your security system when you need it most - during night-time recording.
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Help when its needed
WILCOMM staff are trained and able to help you retrieve footage in the event of an emergency, when you need it most!
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