Keyless Entry System Installation

WILCOMM provides installation of a variety of Keyless Entry Systems

Presco™ PAC series decoders & Keypads

Presco Keypads are compatible with Weigand input access controllers (factory set for standard 26 bit weigand but are fully configurable for up to 64 bit weigand) Back lit keys are standard making it easy to use in dimly lit areas and when integrated with the Presco™ PAC series access controllers the entire system uses low cost shielded cable and the readers can be up to 1 kilometre from the door controller (dependent upon cabling and power supplies used).

Presco Proximity Readers

Keyfobs are Proximity cards can be set up so a user can access their premises with a simple swipe to the reader this can also all be logged and sent back to a Networked Access System
Wilcomm keyless entry system
No Keys Required
By using a Keypad Entry system you can do away with your keys altogether, enabling you to gain entry with a simple 4 digit code
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