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Security Systems & Solutions Sydney Wide

WILCOMM is fully licensed and insured to carry out all facets of security system installation, specializing in custom security solutions for all building types.

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Security Systems
WILCOMM is a Sydney based company specialising in the supply and installation of all types of security systems.
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WILCOMM staff are trade-qualified Master Cabler License holders, as well as Licensed Security Installers and Licensed Electricians.
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WILCOMM technicians are AiPhone certified intercom installers and accredited Clipsal C-Bus installers. No job is too big or small for us.

Smart Security Systems and Solutions Sydney Wide & Beyond

WILCOMM is a Sydney based company specialising in the supply and installation of Intercom Systems, Ticket Booth Intercoms, Alarm Systems, CCTV, CBus Electric and Magnetic Locking, Keyless entry systems, Networked Access Control, Public Address Systems, Phone Systems, Data and Network cabling and more.
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Home, Office & Maritime Systems

We Install A Wide Range Of Colour Video Intercom System Kits

Keep Your Cameras Clear Of Spider Webs

Spider webs not only affect CCTV cameras’ visuals during the day, they can also disrupt night vision. The infrared light used in most security cameras to keep an eye on things during the dark hours is blocked by a web of spider silk. This hinders the performance of your surveillance system, as it fails to detect and record any movement that falls within its range. As such, it’s important to make sure that you regularly inspect your security camera lenses for webs created by spiders or other insects. If left unchecked, these webs can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your security system when you need it most - during night-time recording.
Security camera with spider webs

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We also specialise in the service and repair of intercoms!

At WILCOMM we pride ourselves on being solutions-based.  No job is too hard or too difficult, if there is a way to do a job, we’ll find it.  One of our specialties is major projects, however, no job is too small for us.
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WILCOMM provides a conditional warranty
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We are fully licensed and Insured
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